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Organic vs Non Organic

Ok, guys, the next topic I would like to talk to you about is the organic vs non organic produce. Let’s first agree to something, my reader. Whatever I say here is my personal experience. I study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have been doing my own research for a while, I have been talking to the professionals in that field, but not everything that I have learnt I have agreed with. I got one simple rule. Whatever it is it has to make sense to ME. If language is too scientific then it’s hard to comprehend for my brain, if there is a statement then it has to have the logical explanation to it, if there is a research then I check who this research was done or sponsored by (trust me most of the time when you see the claims that those vitamins or supplements are good for your health, that research was done by that particular company who developed it not by independent recourse) or ) If someone would just tell me it’s better to eat organic it’s not good enough for me. I need to know the reasons inside out.

So let’s look at it together. Firstly, what do we know? Organic produce is something that grown organically without using pesticides and sprays on it right? So non organic has been grown with the sprays on. Ok what do those chemicals in sprays do? They kill bugs. Bugs are living organism same as we are, right? Why doesn’t it kill us? Because we are much bigger creatures but I am sure if we will skull the bottle of some pesticide we will join the bugs) Mortein spray, for instance, can kill one fly but if we will drink same amount according to out body mass it will do same to us. So my thinking is if those sprays will accumulate in my body because of the regular consumption of it it can potentially cause some damage to my body. Yes/No? What do you think?

Now let’s look at the nature of the fruits and vegetable. Let’s take orange and strawberry. Strawberry is the only berry/fruit that has seed sitting outside so all the chemicals get absorbed right into it and the best we can to do it is to wash it, but I really don’t think it would help to get rid of it. So do we want to eat it non-organic, hmm don’t think so! Orange has strong thick skin and whatever chemicals get sprayed on it doesn’t get through the skin so it is safe to eat non organic. I guess so. That is why the chart dirty dozen, clean fifteen made sense to me. We can pick which fruits and veg we can buy organic and non-organic. Let’s look at what is happening at the organic farm.

Hang on, I feel like I need to jump the subject quickly. Guys, no matter what we are going to talk about one thing I will constantly will be asking you about. Get conscious about anything you do, no matter if you watch a TV, eating out, riding your bike, buying groceries, hugging your loved one, absolutely no matter.

You have to un-hypnotize yourself and use the intelligence you have to make the right choices. There are absolutely enough resources at the moment available to run on the auto regime.

Government can tell you how to live, TV will tell you what to think, ads will tell you what to eat and society will tell you what’s right or wrong. Yay! From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed you can absolutely not think and analyze and get through the day. But guess what you don’t really want to die without really been here hey) Ooops I think I got off the subject and now the blog entry becomes too long so let me say bye for now and in the next one we will continue talk about your organic produce and your organic mind. LolJ Hey, I think its genius “Don’t let anyone to spray chemical’s on your beautiful mind or your food.” That just came up so it will be my saying!!!! I had fun writing it)))


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