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5 quick steps to make your smoothie...

Over the last few years I get asked a lot of questions about smoothies and the recipes for it. So here it is quick guide how to build a smoothie which will nourish and fuel your body, not mine:)

1. Identify what you want this smoothie for?

a) Is it an energy boost?

Easy smoothie like 5 dates, one banana, 1 tsp of raw organic cacao powder, coconut water and pinch of salt might solve the afternoon craving. If you crave sugar but watching calories, instead of dates put 1 tbs of almond butter and keep the rest the same. It should do the job.

b) Is it your meal?

Then you need to remember about macros and good balance of fiber, greens, fats, and micro nutrients of course.

Example would be: banana(or apple, or berries), 1/4 avocado(or coconut oil, or 1 tbs of nut butter, or 2 tbs of pre-soaked nuts), 1/2 cup if leafy greens, coconut probiotic powder (or any probiotic that you use), celtic salt(or Himalayan salt), 1 tbs of ground linseed (LSA powder, chia seed, psyllium husk), 2 tbs of soaked over night oatmeal(if you are ok with gluten) and juice (or coconut water or nut milk).

c) Is it your dessert/treat?

Example: 1 cup of frozen mango, 3 tbs of coconut cream, 1 vanilla bean seeds, 1 tbs of rice malt suryp, 2 tbs of coconut meat, and cup of filtered water.

2. Listen to your cravings.

Before you decide what core

your smoothie will be close your eyes for a second and see what you feel like. Scroll in your mind the varieties of fruits and veggies and see what your body gets attracted to. Remember, your body is very intelligent and doesn't have a voice so your cravings are not random. It is important to satisfy them.

3. Keep it simple.

It is important to remember that if you don't recognise the ingredient your body probably wont recognise it too. Do not blend all possible fruits and powder together thinking the more the merrier. One of the smoothies i like is 1 banana, 3 dates, 5 drops of peppermint oil and 1 ltr of water(banana girl smoothie). Try it, your will be surprised.

4. Build and balance your smoothie:

There are 4 components to your smoothie:


It is important that every component of your smoothie is nutritious and adds integrity to the final recipe. Variations are:

1. Fruit or vegetable Juice

2. Coconut water or tea infused water (try camomile and rose)

3. Nut or seed milk (such as almond, cashew or hemp)


I do not recommend to add ice to the smoothie as it dilutes the flavour. Best way to go is to mix fresh and frozen fruit. There are endless options for the fruits, do not limit yourself to only using bananas, go berries, go tropical, go seasonal.


That is probably the favorite part for everyone when you can open your superfood pantry and charge your smoothie. Be mindful not to overload it. Remember, small amount goes a long way. Maca powder, goji berries, spirulina, cacao products, celtic salt, vanilla bean, chai powder etc etc. Remember: moderation!


That part of purely depend on you if you would like to add it. Remember that this category called balance your smoothie so if you already added dates then probably you dont need any agave, or if you dont want it to be too sweet than one banana provides enough sweetness to entertain your taste buds especially if you will enhance it with pinch of cinnamon.

5. Chew your smoothie.

Well, it is probably very important one to remember. We are not what we eat we are what we absorb and yes smoothie can be amazing healthy option as long as you take it mindfully, slowly and start drinking but by start to chew first. What it means is to sprikle some nuts, seeds, or berries or top for the body to recognise the food intake and prepare to absorb the nutrients from you. Trust me your will get much more out of your smoothie if you start chewing.

There you go. I was thinking of giving you my 3 most favorite smoothie recipe but changed my mind. There are many recipes on the internet and i really want you to do your homework and build your smoothie yourself according to your body needs. if you really want my 3 most favorite smoothie recipes please email me and i will be happy to share it with you. :)

Lots of love,


Blueberry almond smoothie

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