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You are allowed not to have a sad story.

So here I am sitting on the plane on a way to Europe thinking that I need to write my story....Few  months ago one journalist from the magazine said that he wants to write article about me as an example how I influence others to make a positive change in their life's. I got very excited, because it is something I'm very passionate about doing. He asked me how did I get there and I told him how awesome my journey was, how easy and pleasant and I saw that he got little bit disappointed. 

- Where is the sad part, Natasha? 

- What do you mean? 

- You know like you had a deceased and you healed yourself or you were abused it was dragging you down and so on. People like stories like that. 

- Hmmm, I don't think I have one. 

- Well you better create one Natasha, that's what so often people do so other feel for them and emotionally connect. 

- Cant you connect to someone happiness then? 

- Not as much no. Trust me I have an experience. 

Hmmm it made me think. I gave myself time to think about it, forget it and then think again. 

He is right talking from his experience. I thought about many speakers I went to and quite often there is a sad story there, even heartbreaking sometimes, but what if you don't have one? 

I have asked my friend how come I don't have a sad story, she knows me for many years and she said of course you do, what about this or that and this. I thought to myself she is right it did happen but it is not sad anymore, it became part of my experience, part of me which I equally happy as for the best moments of my life. 

So what is it then? Game of perception? You are then one telling the story at the end of the day right? You can emotionally charge it the way you want. Wait....this post is not really about me...It is about you, you, who is reading this post now. I see so many people identifying themselves with their experiences, bad ones.

You meet person and very soon you will find out if they got divorced, or lost a job or been betrayed and when I look at them I feel that they stand in front of me carrying backpack, 2 bags on the shoulders, 2 in the hands and one more pushing with their legs. Where I want to grab their hand and skip toward the field with sunflowers 🌻 and smile and laugh.

What happened with you is not you, you are who you chose to be. Please be love, please be light, please be happiness. We do need it right now ....

Lots of love, and sunflowers...


P.S. 7 hours done, 4 more left and I can smell breakfast...mmmm 

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