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About flu season

Since I have started asking myself all those why questions I have discovered how little do i know. Children are not ashamed to ask "why" every time they don't know anything but as we get older we enter the competition with other human and question why becomes identification that we are not good enough, that we dont know something.

Well since my ultimate goal is to un-adult myself I am asking my whys until it is very clear to my brain, my logic or to my heart. Yes, i do believe in the intelligence of the heart.

Right. So every winter more people tend to get sick. Some stay sick longer some shorter, some continuously stay sick through the winter and some dont get sick at all. I have questioned every single bit of it and here is what I have discovered. Winter is better season for flu because it is colder. There are hundreds of different viruses that we are getting exposed to on the daily basis and our immune sytem is what guards us from it. When you are cold your whole body putting its energy to keep you warm which decreases immune system efficiency and you become more fragile and have more chances to catch a virus. Makes sense I think. Now why some get sick more and some less obviously depend on their immune system. Immune 60-70% is located in our gut and lymph node tissue. Makes perfect sense too. When we sweat the toxins come out from our pored by flushing through the lymph system. What we eat is directly impacting our gut flora which makes some immune system protection is much stronger then others right. Our immune system depend on your diet. It all sounds very easy and maybe it seems to you that "it is common sense Natasha didn't you know that". Of course i did but i hear it so often from people how they are getting constantly sick and very sick of it too. As i have mentioned previously when our body is getting sick it is asking for a change, change from you first. Let's take a small step towards healthier you tomorrow.

...See you in my next blog)))


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