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Hi there and welcome to my blog

It is my first blog entry and I am just a little nervous ….

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while but something was always on the way. I am now at that stage of my life where I feel confident that I have something important to share with you. You, whoever you are, I would like to thank you for reading it right now. I believe that if I get your interest you are one of those people on the perimeter, one of those who have opened their mind and become conscious of their own life. I cannot promise you not to have any mistakes in my blog but I can promise my authenticity in it.

Let’s begin…

I was born in a little town in Kazakhstan thirty one years ago. My parents are Russian, hence is my lovely accent, which you will hear right through this blog. My blog will be about health in its full capacity. I believe that we are not just the body, not just the mind, not just the soul. You can eat all kinds of super foods in the world but never be healthy. Similar to your body your soul can get sick and “ask for food”, or your mind can get hungry for knowledge. So… this entire beautiful and complex creature is YOU.

In my blog I will talk mainly about body. Your mind might find the information I am about to share with you to be controversial, your feelings might be touched; it is all completely fine.

You are in my blog not to become perfectly healthy, you are here to become a little healthier than yesterday.

Let me tell you some of the statements that I live by:

  • Human diet should not have a name or its leader!

  • Food should connect people!

  • You exist on the planet as an animal, spiritual creature and an amazing mind. None of these should be ignored.

  • Becoming conscious is one of the most important things human being should strive for.

  • Eating pizza with your friends is better than chewing kale on your own!

If you can relate to these and I’ve got your attention then I will see you soon till my next entry :)


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