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What is your belief?

"I would rather have my mind open by wonder then have one closed by belief" It is one of the very inspiring quotes in my life. As many people I have gone through different beliefs in my life. I was into the religion, which eventually changed to Ayurvedic system of beliefs, then i looked at life from the metaphysics perspective, Universal laws, then Buddhism and on and on and on. Oh no, wait it's actually all started with Santa Lol. I'm talking here about at least 30 years of my life. Every single time it made perfect sense. The interesting part of it is how the mind operates. Once you chose something you want to believe in everything around you adjusts to support your belief and provide you with undeniable evidence. The people appear around you that believe in the same thing, you see books talking about that, you read a random article on social media, even the cloud might get into the shape to support it. You name it, but everything starts to make perfect sense and you have that "Aha" moment like "Yeah I see now how it works, so obvious so here is my belief and i will be living that. " In my life I have gone through quite a few "Aha" moments and at some point I have realised how all of it is valid and you do not have to attach yourself to one particular belief you can be all of it even there is a contradiction. You let your consciousness to filter thought it and find what works for you without applying any judgement to it. At some point of my life I found it annoying how people are passionately talking about something which I have discovered already. I was wondering why do i have this emotion coming up. It took me a while to understand that I was judging myself for changing the system of beliefs so worked on forgiveness and now when someone tells me that you found yoga in their life or local church or absolutely anything I feel nothing but love and appreciation that they share that important experience with me and trusting me to understand it. The best gift Universe gives us is never ending opportunity to learn and expand. To be all of it, to understand all of it and to preach one common religion in the world which keeps it all together which is LOVE. 

Oh hang on is that another belief again? Maybe, but geeez it feels so good. 😘❤️

Love to all, Natasha

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