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If for 8 hours a day at your work you do something you don't like or you are in miserable relati

That is probably the most shocking thing that I say on my classes after the 40 minutes spill about benefits of wholefoods. Then you might have a question what is the point then of us being here? I'm happy to answer that. I am as absolutely everyone else go off the rails every now and then. It's when I decide to change the career, to look into the relationship or simply just feeling  a bit off. Yeah it definitely happens. I don't always look for reason I call it time for growth. It feels sad and disturbing sometimes but I just chose to decide that sadness is a good feeling and needed at this time. So, if by that time my eating habits are not established guess what is going to happen? Yes, you will not make the right choices( alcohol, pubs. Etc) Feeding our body and taste buds is a way of compensating of how we feel. So we might crave sweet, sour, salty and so on and in my fridge and pantry to satisfy those I have dates, raw vegan nut bars, sauerkraut, kimchi, berries and all other amazing Whole Foods. Also, I keep exercising and going to sauna, why? Because it's in the routine. Sometimes I get there before I even understand that. lol true true. How much better it is after you sort out your life to come back to the healthy body  hey? That's the whole point. I absolutely love my health coaching practice for that. All we do is implement one healthy change at the time and in matter of 6-12 months people already point fingers at you and call you health freak. :) kidding:) You are actually putting seeds into the other people minds, water it (3 ltrs a day lol) and wait until they grow and once they call you to go for yoga with you. 

Much love, 


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