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How to minimize the chemicals around your home and your body.

About 5 years ago I have opened my eyes I had a look at health from a different perspective. It became more conscious I would say. What i mean is if i see TV ad talking about how great the product is I would take the time and check it myself. I have decided that I will not let anything to be sold to be because it is said so or because it looks pretty or smells sweet.

Everyone defines health differently as of for me I wanted to understand and be connected with my body. What it meant is if I eat something, put on my skin, breath in or simply use I want to know where does it come from and why am I doing it too. Trust me we are surrounded by nicely marketed products.

First thing I did is eliminated all unnecessary items from home. All sprays, air fresheners etc went straight to the bin as I found out they are highly toxic and not essential at all in the home environment. Application Chemical Maze is a great help for you there. My next point was food of course, read all the labels and anything that contained numbers or any toxic cancerogenic items made its was to the bin too.

Then journey of trying natural non toxic products has started and I have lost a bit of the time and money searching for the product which were not toxic and ok to use too. Trust me there were some major misses 😜. The more I did it the more anxious I got. I have realized that I become almost paranoid about all chemicals we have surrounded by so I immediately stoped and said to myself that I will not let it control my life and I would take it slowly so I did.

We are speaking 5 years later now and I think I’m almost there :) what it means is i found the brands and products which are not harmful for your body but also lovely to use and efficient. Here is the list of the products:

  • All my shampoos, conditioners, skincare are Ausganica brand. They are Australian Certified Organic Brand. My skin loves it so do I. Nice feeling of the Rose smell before you go to bed and wake up. I suggest to check Organified Beaty Box for it. Guys did a good job there searching for the certified organic brands. Not everything that is called organic is organic. Moreover it can contain more chemicals then your supermarket stuff. Do not buy words, check label. Always!

  • All my cleaning products are from Norwex. Hard to debate its quality if you don’t even use chemicals there. Just efficient cleaning cloths with silver lining in it. Try it you will love it. My laundry liquid is from them too. Strongly recommend. They are not shopping shelf product so you have to contact their representative and it was scaring me for a while. I am little bit suspicious of those things, but Norwex is really user friendly, no joining fees, no minimal orders. This company is about product, not the pyramid scheme.

  • Do Terra essential oils has its wide use around home and body. I cook with them, I breath them, I use them as scents around the house. Natural and beneficial for your body. Same thing like Norwex, you create an account and get your discount. No minimal orders. Website is user friendly too. Actually Do Terra inspired my one day to get rid of all the cleaning toxic sprays in the house. I put lavender oil into my diffuser and started feeling how it relaxes me after busy day. Then thought came into my mind what happens when you spray Windex and breath that it. Remember that all researched on the safety of the products are made on the single use. If you spray it once you wont die from it. Right, what about if you spray it all the time and what about if there are other toxic products that you use too. How does the accumulation works no one knows. So please be careful.

  • Most of my cosmetic now comes from the Zuii brand. Again it is non toxic, price friendly, and great quality too.

What I really like about it that as demand grows there are more and more brands that are coming up providing good products at affordable prices.

Hope you found it useful and I would love to hear what do you use about your household and for your body.

Love to all,


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