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I've been to a couple of Natasha 's classes and it was absolutely inspiring! She not only has a lot of knowledge in raw food and juicing but also delivered it to us in such an exciting way. On her classes Natasha shared her experience in cooking as well as positive energy to us and became such an inspiration to me personally to reconsider my cooking routine and start experimenting with the new recipes. Thank you so much Natasha to introducing me into raw cooking. Hope to visit your new classes soon


Olga Ilinykh

Thank you once again for the class today. Literally as soon as I came home I was in the kitchen making up my chia pudding for tomorrow and activating my almonds! I also blended a hot drink like you did today but with raw cacao, mint essence, coconut oil and coconut sugar. It was yummy.


Ana Bug

I have a pleasure to be invited on Natasha Ch presentation and master class in Fitness First. It was very well organized and easygoing event. Very healthy vegan menu. Highly recommended

Natasha introduced me to an entirely different way of thinking about food. Not only that, she also clearly demonstrated how to prepare delicious, healthy food quickly and easily. Above all. it is the heartfelt way in which she shares her passion for healthy living that inspires a person to do the same. Natasha speaks from the heart and gives of herself and her knowledge way beyond expectation. You are going to love what she teaches you.


Bert Watt

This is the first time I've been to one of Natasha's classes and I'll definitely be begging mum to take me to more. Natasha explains everything so clearly and vibrantly and keeps everyone engaged in her stories. Not only that but the food we got to try was just absolutely amazing. Personally my favourite was the avocado cheesecake, I've never tasted anything like it. After going to Natasha's class we will be changing the way we cook and think about food.


Tatyana Anissimov

Thank you Kitchen Remedy for the oppotunity to learn how to be healthy eating sooooo delicious desserts :)  Honestly I do not like to cook, but somehow I was so inspired after class to do all those desserts and smoothies, even the process was enjoyable.


My son can't speak yet but he said his "thank you" as well when he was trying your avocado lime cheescake. Never seen him so impressed with any food before! 


Olya Black

Wow, what a great class! I am so impressed with Natasha’s Kitchen Remedy’s Healthy Cooking class and I will be back for more. I have a whole new outlook on the importance of: not only choosing the right foods to eat but the way I will prepare my food to retain its goodness and nutrients.


I took away so much from Natasha’s class because her wonderfully positive approach to living a healthy life was so infectious. As part of a whole of person approach to living healthily, I have learnt from Natasha’s class that it’s not just about what we eat but which food benefit which organ as well as how our body absorbs nutrients and vitamins.


Sampling each of the prepared dishes was an added bonus and I enjoyed everything from raw banana bread, healthy snickers bars, kale salad with a cashew based dressing (which was amazingly delicious by the way) just to name a few of what was on offer.


I encourage everyone to go to one (or more) of Natasha’s classes. You will learn the ease of preparation, the access to a myriad of delicious and healthy recipes but most importantly, adding a touch of ‘LOVE' to every dish!


Louise Vasta

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