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Plantbased Bakery Delights

Plant Based Dough Co is a Kitchen Remedy's brand and a plant-based wholesale bakery in Brisbane.


It has been a very exciting journey for us at to work on the vegan friendly versions of Australia's favorite traditional bakery delights: doughnuts, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, breads. Having spotted rapidly rising demand for the plant-based food products we are dedicating time to create traditional and some innovative treats to satisfy different crowds.​

At Plant Based Dough Co we are dedicated to producing high quality products using only the finest ingredients, making our products taste as delicious as they look. We understand the importance of the handmade element in baking: only a professional and loving their job baker can fine tune the dough consistency to perfection. Committing to this principle is important to our business operations.


We believe our love and attention to detail can be tasted in every bite.

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