At Kitchen Remedy we believe that food starts with our Chefs thinking about our customers and finishing with our customers recommending our products to their loved ones. Every single step in between is what we are taking care of.

"Quality and consistency of the products are the key factors for me so as making sure that everyone is happy at work"

Production Manager


"I love bringing happiness to people with hand made cakes and pastry’s that everyone can share and eat regardless of dietary requirements. Everyone at Kitchen Remedy is passionate about what they do and that makes a fantastic working environment."

Pastry Chef


"I find the work challenging, but I really enjoy learning new skills and working in with the dynamic fun team"

Sandwich Hands


"Love the company culture and being able to smell and taste all the amazing food while working on the numbers"



"I consider myself a very lucky person to be able to do what i love and call it work"



"What I love and appreciate in my work is the relaxed atmosphere and the importance of creativity"



"Food is the ingredient that binds us together. It becomes beautiful journey when food is your passion and profession. I find myself lucky to enjoy them both at my work place."

Salad Maker


"What I like about my job the most is to bring something new into plantbased living. I am enjoying making food with love and an inspiration"

Head Chef


"Kitchen Remedy is a dynamic, constantly developing, buzzing with life work space. We create healthy  and delicious food for our customers; I am very happy and proud of being a part of it."

Content and Social Media 


I enjoy work environment at Kitchen Remedy and being a part of a great team. It is fulfilling to work with people who dedicate themselves to produce the best quality plant-based food.

Food Worker


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